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2016 Tesla Model S70; 2021 Renault Zoe R135.
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Before purchase I spoke to a sales advisor about snagging and servicing. They said for serious warranty issues they would collect the car and provide a loan vehicle. At the time we were looking at Birmingham-Aberdeen although Manchester opened before I collected the car. True to their word they have collected my car for a couple of snagging issues and it's been relatively hassle free.

Servicing might be different as it's not a requirement of the warranty so you might be expected to take the car in yourself. I'd check with a sales rep at Tesla in your case. They will often go beyond the level of service stated in the Ts & Cs. Wait times will depend on how quickly they get the Edinburgh service centre staffed up I guess.

The autopilot camera & sensors would need calibration by Tesla if you needed a replacement windscreen. Official repair shops are thin on the ground in the UK as a whole, let alone Scotland.

Online connection can be via WiFi as well as mobile, so if you have a network at home/work with a strong signal the car could tap in for updates and diagnostics. I think the Sat Nav will work offline if destinations have been searched for while online but as arg says the main map needs a live connection to update. Intermittent signal is annoying but not impossible to live with.

A few Teslas have done trips along the NW coast and visited some of the isles so it's perfectly doable!
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