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Tesla Roadster on NFS most wanted.

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There is a game on android called "Need For Speed Most Wanted".
I've bought the game.
It has a Tesla Roadster in it.

When driving the Tesla Roadster you can use a nitro turbo boost......
I wonder how that works? :)
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Fires a tank out the back to propel you forwards. :D
There's a Tesla Roadster copy in GTA V. Very good for running over pedestrians as they don't hear you coming. Jumps pretty well too.
Many years ago I won a Sega Dreamcast and bought Metropolis Street Racer only because it had the VX220 in it.
I still have the VX220, the Dreamcast and the game!
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Just gives you an extra bit of speed to evade the pursuing police cars. But not a lot. Try the Bugatti Veyron if you really want some Speed, if it's available on the Android platform :)
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