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Tesla Roadster Ownership

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I thought it might be interesting to log some of my Tesla Roadster ownership experiences :)
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All other car companies work like this with software updates.

Example: If you want to update a Merc COMAND system, you have to either get it done during a service (was done for "free" as part of my last ~£800 service - wish I had taken out the prepay plan when I bought the car), or buy the expensive satnav update, which is only legitimately available from Mercedes authorised service centres.
Tesla are in a bit of a different situation though because they are using cloud hosted servers. It is cheaper for them to upgrade everyone, than target specific vehicles.

A good example is the voice command.

Some of the new commands started working before the firmware in which they were announced was installed on the car. The simple reason being this functionality is provided much like Siri, and sends the audio over 3G to the internet to be processed on a central server before sending the result back to the car.
Agree - they don't seem to be set up to discriminate at the moment. Shouldn't be hard for them to implement a whitelist for each service if they really wanted to. We have already seen the selective deactivation of the full dual charger functionality for those that didn't pay for dual chargers, and those that didn't pay for tech don't have navigation.
To be fair, they also apply service bulletins if any are needed.

The car still has suspension, power steering, etc that must be correctly adjusted and checked for wear and tear against the manufacture's tolerances.
From that post: "EDIT: Tesla has asked me to remove this pdf since it is no longer accurate. While I believe this pdf should remain to show what the Annual Checklist was at one time, I have been informed that this list is no longer accurate. To find out what is currently included in your Model S Annual Checklist, please check with your Tesla Service Center."
1 - 4 of 67 Posts
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