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As above thank you all in this forum regards sharing information and sharing your experiences.

Mid January I picked up my 30kwh Leaf and after haggling with 3 different nissan dealers over 3 similar spec cars I had to bow to the pressure of getting it via pcp as that was the only way I could get the money I wanted in part ex of my 3 series bmw via the dealer contribution plus the year warranty, 2 free services, 3 years breakdown (car was serviced day b4 pickup).

Thanks to the forum members when the first dealer said I had to make 6 payments before settling to keep the dealer contribution i knew to move on.

2nd dealer was woeful in regards to part ex price.

The 3rd dealership which I bought from the salesmen said itd be best to make 3 payments as that would allow time for everything to be set up on Nissans systems as sometimes things run slow especially regards covid which I thought was fairplays.

Still within 2 wks from buying I had all the paperwork through and as per the often overlooked pcp agreement small writing I had to ensure I made 1 dd payment which was last week the following day i asked for the settlement figure which I've had confirmation today that its been settled and the vehicle is now owned by me yeay.

Thanks to the forum I got you+Nissan and ev connect all registered and sorted.

And thanks to the forum I got myself with Octopus and just waiting for switch to Go Faster, picked up a commando ohme cable again thanks to the forum and got a 32 commando socket put in the garage last week.

Oh and thanks to this forum I knew the leaf had the 6kwh charger upgrade via dash pics which the dealer hadn't spotted which was confirmed on day of collection.

Now I'm just enjoying the fact I'm no longer trying to drive at light speed everywhere and driving nearly 80miles a day 5 days a week I'm already seeing the savings in environmental and money terms.

Now just got to put the savings into the H&L Isa each month and that'll pay for a new battery every 100.000miles or when it drops below my needs.
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