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BMW i3
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Have been reading David Bricknells i3/EV book and found this interesting.

He states that the i3 has an efficiency of 93-94% between 3kW and 7.4kW with Total Harmonic Distortion of 3.8% whereas below that it’s nearer 91% with THD of 17.6% (tested in a lab in Idaho)

THD should apparently be as low as possible as excessive amounts can be harmful to power system components.

I’ve often charged our various EVs at 6a (circa 1.4kW) as I have solar PV - the charger has fixed settings of 6a/ 13a/ 16a/ 32a so the higher ones wouldn’t soak up the free juice.

Any thoughts - should I avoid 6a and up it to 13a as my minimum?

Anyone fried their onboard charger or something else due to their granny? (which would be about 10a/2.4kW).

Out of interest presume the THD will be higher at say 6a than 10a?

Thanks, Dan
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