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An interesting read.


On barriers to entry to EV ownership:

...the second is the ability to charge, and I think with the rollout of POLAR, that will take away a lot of the concern over range and charging. And therefore by this time next year, with some lower cost cars and the POLAR network right across the country, that will be a stimulus to the growth of the market.
On pricing:

TCP: The payment model is by monthly subscription, which is unique at the moment. Do you think your subscription model is the way to go?

DM: We think so at the moment. I always put it in context with the early days of mobile phones – when you bought a mobile phone 30 years ago, the only option you had was a subscription. Now you have Pay as You Go (PaYG) and all sorts of different combinations. We do see other pricing schemes emerging, but initially we do see a modest subscription fee as the way to go.

TCP: And what would you say to the people in the EV community who reckon charge points should be free to access without subscription?

DM: Well, I would say to them, do they expect to go into a Shell station and get free petrol? People are going to have to pay a fair amount and charging an EV costs less than £2, which is a lot less expensive than filling up a petrol car.

There will be PaYG models and I know a lot of people are saying they’d prefer a PaYG model, but I personally feel that if you’re having to pay £4 or £5 for a recharge they’d push back on that as well. You can’t win. But I think anyone who says it should always be free is living in an unrealistic world.

And Government shares this view that the end of the PiP programme, which is April next year, people are going to have to start paying a sensible commercial rate – one that is sustainable. And that’s a fact of life. I’m not ruling out the fact that we may have PaYG pricing, and I can’t tell you how much that will be, but people are going to have to pay something.

When you bear in mind a typical EV goes about 100 miles, to fuel that with petrol or diesel it’ll cost you £13 or £15 or so, whereas you’d be getting nearly a month’s use out of a subscription to POLAR for that.
Time flies...
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