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Hi All,

As some of you might know, I've just picked up my Renault Zoe ZE50 GT Line CCS from ELMO DRIVE today and, as I believe there is no one on the forum that uses their services yet, thought we could all have a place for opinions, questions, share feedback etc.

ELMO DRIVE are a subscription company for Electric Vehicles both brand new and used.
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1) You rent the car month by month, no deposit and no minimum term (when you book it, you pay a month in advance, delivery and a 1 off fee).
2) Rental includes insurance, mileages (you can choose how many), maintenance, breakdown and carbon offset donation included too.
3) You DO get a key.
4) Basic subscription is the car, but you can add to it up to 2 extra drivers (£10/each), a home charger (Ohme), renewable home energy tariff (So energy, with which you can also get an allowance of free energy for your miles, or if you don't use them for your own household energy), public charger subscription (unlimited polar for £10/month) etc
5) As per today (24/11/20) you can choose between brand new Renault ZOE ZE50 GT Line CCS, brand new MG ZS EV (both excite or exclusive) and they often have used Renault ZOE 22kWh and used Nissan Leaf 30 kWh.

If you are interested in joining you can use my referral code (they only one as far as I know) to give us both £50 off your first month: ISB2GG (they are implementing their referral scheme, but you can email it to them and they'll readjust it for you).

Elmo also offers some driving analytics, showing your miles driven, average daily, CO2 saved and your driving score. I will be showing more about this when I drive something first.

So far I have to say that I joined and booked the ZE50 at the end of last week and arranged the delivery very easily. Adding you license (I did not have any trouble with a EU one), address, payment details and other common info.
Today I received a text from Elmo with a link to Samsara's tracking, where I could see in real time the location and ETA of my car. The driver called me in advance anyway and show me a few things at the exchange. He basically drove it from 0. After a charge on the motorway (his), range was at 80% still showing 200 miles, I have to say I'm quite impressed.
The car came brand new basically, including a Type 2-type 2 charging cable, locking wheel nut and puncture repair kit. It did not come with granny cable not floor mats, although after contacting Elmo they said that you can ask for a granny if needed (it's just that most dont use it).

I'll be posting more soon, but now a few good pictures:
For those who know On.to/Evezy, this is quite important... it comes with a key!!

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For me the important thing to change was the lack of key, having to use an app and the price of a GTLine CCS. I liked the ZE40 a lot, but although you could do long trips with it, the 22kW charging was a bit too slow. Now I can have a key, and a cheaper ZE50 GT line!!
So far its clearly better than ZE40 in range, tech inside and B mode is quite aggressive in comparison.

Please let me know if you have any doubts and hopefully i can help other people interested in Elmo!
Wow, should I call this feeling key-envy or key-lust?

Also, do you know if Elmo lets you take the car to Northern Ireland without big fees? Aware that's not a problem everyone faces!
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