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The ELMO DRIVE Discussion thread

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Hi All,

As some of you might know, I've just picked up my Renault Zoe ZE50 GT Line CCS from ELMO DRIVE today and, as I believe there is no one on the forum that uses their services yet, thought we could all have a place for opinions, questions, share feedback etc.

ELMO DRIVE are a subscription company for Electric Vehicles both brand new and used.

1) You rent the car month by month, no deposit and no minimum term (when you book it, you pay a month in advance, delivery and a 1 off fee).
2) Rental includes insurance, mileages (you can choose how many), maintenance, breakdown and carbon offset donation included too.
3) You DO get a key.
4) Basic subscription is the car, but you can add to it up to 2 extra drivers (£10/each), a home charger (Ohme), renewable home energy tariff (So energy, with which you can also get an allowance of free energy for your miles, or if you don't use them for your own household energy), public charger subscription (unlimited polar for £10/month) etc
5) As per today (24/11/20) you can choose between brand new Renault ZOE ZE50 GT Line CCS, brand new MG ZS EV (both excite or exclusive) and they often have used Renault ZOE 22kWh and used Nissan Leaf 30 kWh.

If you are interested in joining you can use my referral code (they only one as far as I know) to give us both £50 off your first month: ISB2GG (they are implementing their referral scheme, but you can email it to them and they'll readjust it for you).

Elmo also offers some driving analytics, showing your miles driven, average daily, CO2 saved and your driving score. I will be showing more about this when I drive something first.

So far I have to say that I joined and booked the ZE50 at the end of last week and arranged the delivery very easily. Adding you license (I did not have any trouble with a EU one), address, payment details and other common info.
Today I received a text from Elmo with a link to Samsara's tracking, where I could see in real time the location and ETA of my car. The driver called me in advance anyway and show me a few things at the exchange. He basically drove it from 0. After a charge on the motorway (his), range was at 80% still showing 200 miles, I have to say I'm quite impressed.
The car came brand new basically, including a Type 2-type 2 charging cable, locking wheel nut and puncture repair kit. It did not come with granny cable not floor mats, although after contacting Elmo they said that you can ask for a granny if needed (it's just that most dont use it).

I'll be posting more soon, but now a few good pictures:
For those who know On.to/Evezy, this is quite important... it comes with a key!!


For me the important thing to change was the lack of key, having to use an app and the price of a GTLine CCS. I liked the ZE40 a lot, but although you could do long trips with it, the 22kW charging was a bit too slow. Now I can have a key, and a cheaper ZE50 GT line!!
So far its clearly better than ZE40 in range, tech inside and B mode is quite aggressive in comparison.

Please let me know if you have any doubts and hopefully i can help other people interested in Elmo!
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Just signed up, hopefully with the £95 off (and Alegar’s referral).

I like that you get the key, and it was good to talk to George a few days ago as well. I like the Polar subscription can be added or removed, it’s likely I’ll do most of my charging at free Pod Point chargers so may not need it.

Shame that they don’t let you swap out what’s included - like instead of the EU Driving you can have one extra driver instead. That would be nice.
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Nice! Which car did you choose?

They confirmed me that if you email them my referral they can stack both Boxing Day and referral to obtain a total of £145 off 👍🏻

I’m loving the Zoe, although CCS is a bit slow is fine for me. I’d love if they could have the shell EV card to be honest... I might contact them, as it can be a deal breaker for some.
ZE50 (GT) in Grey. Only colour they had but I do love the Blue/Teal. Had two ZE40s from on.to previously but not so keen to go back after my “it’s your fault the brakes got stuck” scenario. Plus the £95 off (so no admin fee) makes it cheaper than on.to for a better car with their delivery fees.

I emailed my/your referral and got one email saying they won’t apply it as I’d already used the BoxingDay code, then another email two minutes later from someone else saying the code was no problem...!
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Glad they did apply it. They confirmed it to me over Twitter a few days ago.

I doubted between grey/blue and finally went for the blue one and I’m loving it.

I also came from onto from a ZE40 and personally it’s a great step forward in range, tech/safety and comfort. Don’t forget to use Zeddy/Renault app and you can precondition, program etc. You only need the VIN and activate the services from the car itself.

Mine came directly from Renault so had to ask Elmo for a granny which arrived in around 2 days.
I’ve not had the ZE40 since March, it went back as lockdown started and I moved jobs to working from home.

Need a car as my horribly cheap runaround has failed spectacularly, so gone for an 800 mile subscription for now, the cost is almost the same as the rail season ticket I’m not paying so that’s good. Need to see if driving to London in it is feasible when the office finally does open back up.

George said the mileage can be banked and averaged which is a huge plus as well.
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Yeah the mileage was important for me too, but in average I never did more than 600 anyway... in the end it’s important for me to have the buffer for longer trips too (and mental mileage “range” anxiety-less)
The Shell Card for me isn’t so much an issue, all the chargers where we go are either Polar or free Pod Point ones but I’ll see how I get on.

Might not get over 200 miles a month while we’re locked down like this, but we’ll see. Good thing with the monthly contract is if it’s not working for me I can hand the car back and be done with it.
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How have you found the entire booking experience in comparison to Onto’s?

Under my view, the communication was much more fluent, often and less ambiguous. Onto told me too many times we will contact you/similar without a proper ETA etc so I ended up waiting for things that never came etc.
Considering I booked on a Sunday and today is a bank holiday it looks like they’re processing everything. Also had an apology about the mixed messages regarding the referral, and confirmation they’ll add both for me which is super.

Already had an email confirming my delivery date and address, I must say so far I am impressed.

Knew my car’s registration plate immediately after booking as well, not that I need to use it for parking permits but I can see that being a huge bonus for people who do.

Communication seems so much better than on.to, hands down.
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Don’t you need the reg plate to take advantage of the congestion charge exemption?

Mine came directly from Renault dealer. Had a text and an email I think the morning of the delivery with true live tracking and an ETA (not like Onto’s which you can only see the location of the car when it updates every so often), although the ETA only takes into account the driving time, which in my case wasn’t true as the driver had to stop, have a break/eat etc. I guess it depends on your location anyway.
Yeah I will do, I was wondering whether they paid the £10 yearly Congestion Charge as on.to do but evidently not. Still cheaper if I do have to pay it than one trip in the ICE anyway so not a dealbreaker.

I’m within their 50 miles so I’m hoping delivery will be fairly straightforward. Even if they drive it here at full speed it should arrive with a fairly decent SOC. Do they come from one specific Renault dealer? My first on.to delivery was an utter cluster**** so as long as my car arrives roughly when they say it will then I’ll be happy.
Phone call from Elmo’s delivery partner already, car should be here within the hour. Looking good so far!
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From the sound of it it’s coming from Oxfordshire so not too far from me. Haven’t got a text but I can see the car is being moved as I’ve got mileage logged on my account already. I assume Elmo reset this after it’s been delivered.
Just arrived, brand new car, 50 miles on it. Came from Bicester. 50% Charge, no Granny charger but not sure if I’ll ever need it. Very pretty
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Even though I was after the Blue (they didnt have the option for it when I ordered) I really do like the Grey.

Really enjoying the proximity lock/unlock, not used to the B mode automatic slowing but will get used to it over time.

Has gone down 25% in 25 miles though, hopefully that’s just a mix of it being cold and me forgetting to switch Eco mode on until this morning. Hopefully my BP Pulse card arrives today.

Haven’t had the chance to connect it all together but that’s the plan for lunch break today.

Just need to convince the Mrs that she’ll be ok driving it too after getting used to it, now we’ve locked down again I won’t get loads of use out of it but at least I can bank the mileage.
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Can confirm, asked about a Granny and said they could add one to my subscription, but wouldn't ever use it enough to warrant £12 a month.

There are a couple of other differences between Elmo and on.to price-wise, Elmo charge £20 for any speeding/parking fines etc it seems, whereas on.to don't.

EU Travel and London Congestion Charge included with Elmo, I couldn't see either written down so had to ask.

Also reading Elmo's terms, you're not insured for driving down an active airfield/airport if you get squashed by an Aircraft, shame as I quite enjoyed driving full pelt down Luton Airport's runway when I had nothing better do to...
Still haven't had my Polar card in the post (not complaining, it was posted between Christmas and New Year so didn't think it would be quick to arrive), but as Elmo add the Card Number to your Dashboard a quick call to Polar/Pulse at 5.30am and they started my charge for me. Charged 35% in 40 minutes on CCS which isn't bad seeing as the battery (and everything else) was bloody cold.

Can't get the preconditioning to work, have made a schedule but it didn't work on the car when I got in it this morning. Also don't seem to have a "precondition" button on the App - checking the "My Contracts" settings the "Remote Control 36 Months Serial" has been Rejected for some reason. Not sure what this means but I guess is why I can't remotely pre-condition.

Grey did look very nice covered in thick frost early this morning, did have a lovely sparkle to it.
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Worked off Zeddy so can’t complain. Nice and toasty warm. Just managed to do it using Siri as well so helloooo peak laziness.

Should I be concerned about the battery though? Granted I’ve not charged it fully, and it’s quite cold, but it went down 20% in 18 miles today, mix of national speed limit and 30mph roads and in eco mode. Don’t remember the ZE40 being this poor...
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Noticed your SoC is only 32%. Were you plugged in? Thought preconditioning only worked when SoC above 40%.
I think I read somewhere it was above 25% on the ZE50. It was on 32% earlier and is now pre-conditioning again at 30%. Does it run for a certain length of time, like, is there a maximum time after which it will just turn off?

Not plugged in, charging is turning into a massive pain already with no Polar Card still and my two closest Pulse chargers being broken. Forgot how poor BP were at answering their phones (unless at 5.30am). Shame they removed their "report a fault" section from the App when they switched to Pulse. Twitter seems much more responsive though.

Giving my card until post arrives today (2.30pm-ish) before I go back to Elmo.
My BP card arrived today from Elmo, if that helps you when talking to them.
When was yours ordered/posted out of interest?
Only a few days ago. Around 4th January was when I placed my order for the car. Not long, I just spoke to Luke through the web chat.
Mine was posted by 30th December, so I'll give it until this afternoon. Shame you can't add the Card Details to the BP Pulse app and start a charge from that with the Socket ID.

Update: Post just arrived, no Charging Card. Just live-chatted Elmo and they've confirmed BP have sent it and are chasing it now.
Elmo have asked BP to send me a new card, so hopefully that arrives quickly.

At least my drain seems similar, hopefully once I start using it a bit more and actually manage a normal charge to 100% I should be able to assess the super cold weather range!
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for me the charging rate might be the deal breaker (surprisingly), that’s the weakest point of the Zoe for me.
I can't seem to get mine to CCS Charge above 30kW at the moment, I'm really hoping it's just the cold weather at the moment, otherwise it's little better than the ZE40 at 22kW on a Type 2 Rapid. It's also refusing to precondition again now so a bit disappointing.
I've been getting 15-25kW in the last few weeks - admittedly, that's around 0degC, > 50% SoC and just local, so no warming-up.

That said, I did get 42kW in December at low SoC and on a run, and outside temp was v low then, too.
I did manage to brim 30kW yesterday after a 15 minute drive, though this charge was mostly just to test out my new card.

It's currently sat on a 3kW a bit away from home, the infrastructure and parking restrictions here in Bedford are terrible and between Polar/Pulse and Bedford Council I'm sort of starting to regret my decision to go back to Electric, at least until I'm driving more again (and/or it gets warmer).
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Nice green plates!!!
Forgot to reply to you! Mine has standard plates, not green.
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