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The ELMO DRIVE Discussion thread

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Hi All,

As some of you might know, I've just picked up my Renault Zoe ZE50 GT Line CCS from ELMO DRIVE today and, as I believe there is no one on the forum that uses their services yet, thought we could all have a place for opinions, questions, share feedback etc.

ELMO DRIVE are a subscription company for Electric Vehicles both brand new and used.

1) You rent the car month by month, no deposit and no minimum term (when you book it, you pay a month in advance, delivery and a 1 off fee).
2) Rental includes insurance, mileages (you can choose how many), maintenance, breakdown and carbon offset donation included too.
3) You DO get a key.
4) Basic subscription is the car, but you can add to it up to 2 extra drivers (£10/each), a home charger (Ohme), renewable home energy tariff (So energy, with which you can also get an allowance of free energy for your miles, or if you don't use them for your own household energy), public charger subscription (unlimited polar for £10/month) etc
5) As per today (24/11/20) you can choose between brand new Renault ZOE ZE50 GT Line CCS, brand new MG ZS EV (both excite or exclusive) and they often have used Renault ZOE 22kWh and used Nissan Leaf 30 kWh.

If you are interested in joining you can use my referral code (they only one as far as I know) to give us both £50 off your first month: ISB2GG (they are implementing their referral scheme, but you can email it to them and they'll readjust it for you).

Elmo also offers some driving analytics, showing your miles driven, average daily, CO2 saved and your driving score. I will be showing more about this when I drive something first.

So far I have to say that I joined and booked the ZE50 at the end of last week and arranged the delivery very easily. Adding you license (I did not have any trouble with a EU one), address, payment details and other common info.
Today I received a text from Elmo with a link to Samsara's tracking, where I could see in real time the location and ETA of my car. The driver called me in advance anyway and show me a few things at the exchange. He basically drove it from 0. After a charge on the motorway (his), range was at 80% still showing 200 miles, I have to say I'm quite impressed.
The car came brand new basically, including a Type 2-type 2 charging cable, locking wheel nut and puncture repair kit. It did not come with granny cable not floor mats, although after contacting Elmo they said that you can ask for a granny if needed (it's just that most dont use it).

I'll be posting more soon, but now a few good pictures:
For those who know On.to/Evezy, this is quite important... it comes with a key!!


For me the important thing to change was the lack of key, having to use an app and the price of a GTLine CCS. I liked the ZE40 a lot, but although you could do long trips with it, the 22kW charging was a bit too slow. Now I can have a key, and a cheaper ZE50 GT line!!
So far its clearly better than ZE40 in range, tech inside and B mode is quite aggressive in comparison.

Please let me know if you have any doubts and hopefully i can help other people interested in Elmo!
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It looks like there’s a 12month minimum term in the Zoe from the website? Although I’ve only glanced through it.

Do they fit a dash cam?

Interesting. I wonder what condition their older cars are in.
You can choose 3, 6 or 12 months minimum.

I didnt have time before, but i think that if there is a dashcam it's much more subtle than On.to's.

Also there is a tracking tag, very discreet, in the right hand side of the widndscreen.
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I have the key with my ONTO Peugeot e-208 GT Line ;)
We all know that you only have it because of some problem with the DS/Peugeot and onto/s system haha
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Here are a few questions to convince me to defect. If I do, I’ll definitely use your referral code!

Monthly cost on the 3 month minimum contract with 10k miles.
How much is the joining fee? Is this a one off for life?
How much is delivery?
How much is the insurance excess?
Am I correct in saying I would have to pay a £30 a month surcharge because I live in London?
I'll try to reply the best I can:
  1. ZE50 800 miles/month (9600/year) with 3 month minimum is £399
  2. Delivery depends on your location, they say that first 50 miles are free (if you pm your postcode I can check)
  3. One off fee is £95
  4. Excess is the common (and excessive) £1000, I am still using my insurance4carhire (they are monthly rents)
  5. London and midlands have a £30 surcharge indeed.

Averaged 12 months of this would be:
I have put a London postcode = £22 delivery
-50 (referral, although you can get more by referring other people too, unlimited)
£414.6 avg per month (living in london, £384 outside) for a ZE50 GT Line CCS with physical key
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Regarding dash cam, it does have a dash cam indeed as I've asked them, but from pictures or being in the car I didnt even notice. They put them for insurance reasons btw.
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Wow, should I call this feeling key-envy or key-lust?

Also, do you know if Elmo lets you take the car to Northern Ireland without big fees? Aware that's not a problem everyone faces!
I just got an answer for you:

travel to the EU and Northern Ireland is allowed and included in the insurance policy as long as Elmo is notified.

I didn’t know this either, defo planning some EU travel when life is a bit more normal
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£414.6 avg per month (living in london

So basically in this scenario ONTO is better as for a couple of pounds more you get 200 miles more per month and 1 month term.
In onto you need to add the delivery to the calculation too. Plus EU/N. Ireland travel comes for free but with Onto you pay extra.

Example Onto ZE50 gt line= £419+ £4.09 (delivery/12 months) =£423
Example Elmo= £384 (or 416.6 if living in London or midlands)

at the end depends how many miles you need and where are you based
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I think it comes to a matter of personal situation of location and needs.
Hopefully is clients will benefit from competition between companies.
Things such as home energy provider, charging point, international travel, 3rd party charging subscriptions, car availability and extras.

for my particular case, economically speaking makes sense to change, plus gives me other musts as key and international travel.
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Interesting. I’m with Onto, paying £419. I don’t value the Polar subscription at all - there aren’t any (working ones) in my usual haunts. Very occasionally I use the 7kW near me when Octopus is expensive.

I do value the EU usage, and massively value the physical key offered by Elmo. And I’m not in London, so no £30 fee.

For equivalent mileage, Elmo is £22 cheaper for me. Add in the admin fee and 2x delivery fees though, as well as the mileage I've built up in Onto and it takes a while to pay back.

Edit: Oh well. Just checked the delivery price to Newcastle, and it's £198! Unless I can get it delivered to my parents' address in London for ~£21, there's a cost to change of £198 + £95 + £49.50. = £342. It would take 15 months to break even!
If you get it delivered in London wouldn't you be breaking even already after the 2nd month? (after which it would be £40 cheaper)

I don't think you can count in the return of on.to's zoe, as doesn't matter where you go back, you will have to pay it. Anyway if you count it in, the 2nd month after the change you would have spent £4 more, after that it would be £40 cheaper.
Actually, having messaged them, they're happy to deliver it to my parents' London address. And I do intend to visit them - even if only across the doorstep - before Christmas. Just have to work out if there's a safe and legal way of getting there!
If you wouldn't mind using my Referral "ISB2GG" you can just email it to them, they will give us both £50 off, it would be much appreciated :)
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I think it makes sense to count the Onto collection fee and the Elmo delivery in the cost to change. One way or another, I'll still be left with a collection fee when I eventually get rid of the car - whether I stay with Onto or switch to Elmo.

With delivery to London the cost to change is £49.50 + £21 + £95 = £165

Still an expensive key! But considering the free EU roaming, a pretty good deal. I might even end up with a Zoe that has functioning preconditioning

Will do. I'm not sure how it stacks with the Green Friday offer though.
As far as I know it does. I guess you could arrange the delivery for a slightly later date if you would do it from london.

RE the preconditioning, I clicked the "connection thingy" on mine yesterday, it says it can take up to 72h to activate, fingers crossed it will! I'll put it here whatever it happens anyway. (i've never done it before so I might have done something wrong anyway)
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Does your Zoe have a creaking boot?
To be honest I've not even driven it for 50 miles yet and haven't noticed anything. Came with the latest update directly from Renault.

Is there any video where to see how does it creak so I can identify it?
If it does, you will know! No need for a video ;)

I need to check if it comes with the latest, it should come with the AEBS radar etc
Just for the record, the ZE50 came only with the type2-type2 charger, after telling Elmo asking for it, it just arrived today directly from Rolec.
ZE50 came without this, floor mats or First aid kit I believe.
Does anybody if it should have come with any of those? Or it’s just standard renault?
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Managed to activate the network/connection from the smartphone, Renault app shows that glitch of translating the range miles from the car to km and convert those in onto miles showing therefore the wrong value.
Does anybody else know how to fix it? (Both car and satnav don’t show any available updates)

Edit 30/11/20: precondition in the app and range in miles works. Nice
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Black Friday offer seems to be available still, from £379 (can be reduced using referral) for a ZE50 GT Line CCS, now only in white colour, for delivery in a week.

1 month minimum commitment.
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Suddenly seriously considering jumping ship from Onto to Elmo for a ZS EV.

The i3 is due, I expect, to be taken off me by Onto on its 2 year anniversary in Spring, and as far as I can tell, in order still to have a car with ACC, my choices then are getting a new i3 for £70 more a month, or getting a mortgage to pay for an I-Pace.

Seem to me like a more appealing option may be to try a ZS for a few months.

At first glance of the website, dashboard, T&Cs etc, it comes across as a more professional operation than Onto.

Anyone gone from an i3 to a ZS?!
I have had no experience with either of them, but the Excite version seems to have same price for a 1 month commitment, whereas the Exclusive doesnt. I'm saying this as you can always try it and then make up your mind. Remember you can also reduce price further with referral scheme (you can use mine first and then you can refer people yourself too).

For all I've dealt with them, I can 100% say that they have solved the questions, doubts and issues much much much quicker and professional than On'to (which with I stayed for @6 months). No having to use a (dodgy) app to access the car, less intrusive dash cam, much much better delivery and communication, EU travelling included, option to add energy provider/discounted kWh, home charger, website, cheaper price etc.

Let me know if I can help with some questions you might have
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Many thanks @alegar. I hadn’t actually noticed that distinction in the pricing / term between Excite and Exclusive. Makes the ad seem a little misleading, and the Exclusive is then £499 with minimum 3 month commitment.

I think in that case it would have to be the Excite which still I think has most of the key features most people would want.

Still, I’ve only just renewed with Onto so I’ll have the i3 until late Jan anyway and by then the 1 month offer may have disappeared entirely.
I would reccomend to have a chat with them (email, phone or they have a WORKING LIVE CHAT...), maybe you can book it now for delivery when your i3 goes away and only pay for it/delivery just before it happening. At this very minute, the delivery option only allows it to book its delivery until the 3/01/21, but it's just probably done automatically for the next 3 weeks.
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That’s quite good! To be honest it’s the chargers like the one off fee and the slightly more expensive delivery who are making people not join I believe...

That added to the £50 off referral it’s quite an interesting offer for a ZOE50 CCS GT line.

Ps: I’ve been trying Instavolt recently (for the first time) and they are super easy, the ZOE doesn’t quite get 50kW in these cold days but the chargers themselves are great!

Now just need to pray that someone will be offering ID3s at a decent price and then will stop moaning about charging rates.
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I think it makes sense to count the Onto collection fee and the Elmo delivery in the cost to change. One way or another, I'll still be left with a collection fee when I eventually get rid of the car - whether I stay with Onto or switch to Elmo.

With delivery to London the cost to change is £49.50 + £21 + £95 = £165

Still an expensive key! But considering the free EU roaming, a pretty good deal. I might even end up with a Zoe that has functioning preconditioning

Will do. I'm not sure how it stacks with the Green Friday offer though.
Have you seen their latest Boxing Day offer? No one off fee (£95) and can be stacked with referrals (further -£50).
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