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OK. I will give you a bit about my daily commute and how I go about it, also how I set control for the week's test.

I work a 4 day week. My route is exactly the same too & from work. I stop 4 miles from home at my Gym which has a 22kw AC charger. This time of year as I drive mostly on twisty A roads I stick to 50mph just in case of ice and saves on a few Kwh.
So my control for the week was Cruise set at 50mph, heat set at 22deg, the car was always pre-heated before leaving home and also at 5 pm in the works carpark. I don't have workplace charging available. When the standard 16" wheels were fitted they where at 40psi, the new 18" wheels are set at 37psi. The only thing I couldn't control was the NI weather.

How I measured the difference between the 16" standard wheels and my 18" with 225 - 40 - 18 Pirreli Centurato P7 Blue tyres.
When I arrive at the gym when I plug in the car it will tell me how long it is going to take for a FULL charge. On the standard wheels, this would be anywhere from 2hrs 15mins at best and 2hrs 40mins at worst. As the Golf doesn't have a percentage I can go by, I thought this is as good a test as any as the time is based on how many % is left and how long it will take to replace the used Kwh's.

Monday - Leaving home
  • temp - 5deg
  • Damp roads
  • Wind direction - 3 O'clock (this was the direction the wind was hitting the car) I will use this for the rest of the descriptions
Arriving at work - 3.9mi/kw average

Leaving work
  • 7deg
  • Heavy rain
  • Wind direction - 11 O'clock
Arriving at Gym plugged in - 2hrs 30min for Full - 3.9mi/kw avg

Tuesday - Leaving for work
  • 9deg
  • Dry
  • Wind direction - 4 O'clock - slight tailwind
Arriving at work - 4.1mi/kw avg

Leaving work
  • 9deg
  • Dry
  • Wind direction - 12 O'clock - Headwind
Arriving at the gym - plugged in 2hrs 20mins for full charge - 4.1mi/kw avg

Wednesday - leaving for work
  • 7deg
  • Dry
  • Wind direction - 2 O'clock
Arriving at work - 3.9mi/kw avg

Leaving work
  • 7deg
  • Dry
  • Wind direction - 12 O'clock Headwind
Arriving at the Gym - 2hrs 35mins - 3.8mi/kw avg

  • 2deg
  • Light Snow - Slushy roads
  • Wind direction - 1 O'clock

Arriving at work - 3.5mi/kw avg

Leaving work
  • 6deg
  • Dry
  • Wind direction 11 O'clock - headwind
Arriving at the gym - 2hrs 40mins - 4.0mi/kw

The way I have been driving this week is exactly the same way I drove to work when I had the standard wheels on the car for the past few months since buying the car. I was expecting the charge times to be around the 3hr mark, but as you can clearly see they are pretty much the same as I was getting on the standard wheel and tyre package.

There is a clear loss of range on the Slushy day which was very cold in the morning run. the mi/kw are down a good bit on both directions. the slushy roads lasted for about 15 miles of the morning commute then they turned to just wet roads. Wind also makes a big difference.

I feel like the Pirelli P7 "BLUE" tyres are worth the extra money they cost me. as they are an A-rated tyre for efficiency. I think they are A-rated for wet grip also. It seems if speeds are 50 & below there isn't any real discernable difference in range and battery usage.

Next week I am going to try and set the cruise at 60 and see what difference the higher speeds do for range. I don't have a controlled average for the 16" wheels as I never drove a full week at 60 before. I did do it on occasions but not the whole week.

A daylight pic of the car sitting on my Driveway
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