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The Jedlix - Smart Charging app is now compatible with MINI⚡

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Dear MINI Electric drivers,

Good news: the Jedlix - Smart Charging app is now compatible with MINI.

We are Jedlix ⚡and we have an app that enables you to charge your electric vehicle with greener and cheaper energy, we call this Smart Charging.

What is Smart Charging exactly? Watch our video here

More often than not, people come home at around the same time and plug in their electric vehicles to charge. Besides the fact that it is not always necessary for electric vehicles to start charging immediately, this also creates an enormous load on the electricity grid. By Smart Charging your vehicle, you contribute to maintaining the balance on the electricity grid. Smart Charging ensures that your vehicle is mainly charged when there is sufficient green energy available at the lowest cost. This helps to bring a balance to the energy grid, which you get awarded for! If you Smart Charge with Jedlix you will receive a cash reward💸 for every kWh you Smart Charge. This is on top of your energy bill savings when you have a contract with off-peak hours or dynamic rates.

Why you should Smart Charge with Jedlix?
  • Earn money and receive cash rewards for balancing the grid;
  • Optimized charging during your off-peak hours and save money on your electricity bill;
  • Save the planet and charge your vehicle using more sustainable energy sources;
  • No additional hardware required: 100% software-based.
  • You are in charge and you can specify your charging preferences
We would like to invite you to download our app in the App Store or Google Play Store
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