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So to cut to the chase I rather psychopathically drove a 8-year old museum piece of an iMIEV with poor battery health and low range home from Scotland to England on Thursday/Friday ( see thread 265 miles in a iMIEV in 26hrs - a crazy trip ). I fell just short of reaching chargers on 3 occasions and on another occasion while near home, my final charging stop let me down when it was unexpectedly down.

Thanks to these n-ICE guys whom I can never thank enough:-

(1) The young guy who I can't name, at the Yorkshire services petrol station which I can't name or he might get sacked. I fell just short of a Rapid, and he was very obliging.

(2) The lovely salesmen at TrustFord, Castleford, a small used car dealer, who were again so helpful and happy to help a passer by with his weird looking little space-shippy electric car that had no fuel (see attached pictures of me charging). These guys were so friendly, and even offered me a coffee. I saw a Cancer charity tin on someone's desk and was only too happy to put some money in. I just needed to charge for 30 mins here on the 3-pin as the EH Ferrybridge MOTO Rapid was only 2 miles away.

(3) The First And Last Pub/Hotel/Restaurant on the A1 Burnmouth (just as you enter Scotland at the border point). I wasn't quite going to make the Eyemouth rapid and got a 30-min 3-pin charge just to make sure. I said I would bring my family back for a meal, and I certainly will keep that promise.

(4) Very annoyingly when I got to the next Rapid at Eyemouth it was down. By chance I met a lovely local there was going to use it also. I did not even have to ask, she insisted I follow her to her home, where they happened to have a 3-pin home charger installed anyway, and this was my final charge before home. This nice lady and her husband made me a cuppa and we had a good chat about the charging network! They were quite new to electric driving too. I then killed the next few hours wandering about Eyemouth and the harbour.

Those n-ICE people, thank you so much!


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