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Okay earth dwellers, how on earth is this app supposed to work?

I have downloaded and installed the MyCitroën app, which I’m assuming is the same as the myPeugeot or myVauxhall equivalents, and have created an account.

I have carried out the basics i.e. paired it to the car via Bluetooth et cetera, but I’m not really interested in the basic stuff such as miles travelled blah blah blah, I want the e-remote function so I can precondition the car and control charging if and when I need to.

I slrfound that you have to subscribe to the e-remote service, which I have done and received email confirmation of the ‘order’. However, I still don’t have the function within the app therefore I cannot see charge status or control the climate.
In order to better understand how the app works, is there anyone out there who can explain the following?

The tutorials say that you can use the app from anywhere, inferring that you don’t need to be physically connected to the car by Bluetooth. If this is the case, then how does the car communicate with the servers which I assume back-end the connected services? Does the car have its own cellular Sim card installed somewhere?

Or can anyone point me to a thread on here that covers similar issues?

You don't need Bluetooth connection to the car, just an internet connection, either via your home network or via cellular. The car has the SOS button so must have a cellular phone embedded. I'm not sure whether the app uses a data connection or the server just sends an sms to the car.
From the stage you're at, and as someone else mentioned, you need to drive around a bit. The tutorial says you have to make three trips but this may just be a guide, I only had to do one trip and then the next day, the controls appeared in the app.
Pre conditioning and remote charge 'works', however my two preconditioning tests on frosty mornings set the alarm off after a few minutes. It can only be activated if the car is locked which seems like a design flaw.
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