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Don't hold your breath for anything to work properly with the PSA Group app. Even if it does register your car, the programmers who set up all the code on the PSA Group servers are pretty useless at getting anything to work properly. You may think that it's the app that's the problem but if you look at the log files for the app, you will see that inevitably, it is software doing and often security certificates at the server-side that are the cause of the issues.

I have now been waiting for nearly a month for Vauxhall to fix a problem at the server end because the app doesn't update the SoC or allow me to set or amend schedules for charging or pre-conditioning. After countless emails and sending them screenshots and the logs, they still can't arrange a proverbial piss up in a brewery.

I put it down to inept management of the development team with what is probably some team members who are way out of their depth with the project.
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