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Driving yet another EV!
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An interesting list - for my car (a Citroen C-Zero) I get the following:
  • A powerful electric motor!: Half, not bad I guess
  • Thermally managed battery pack: 75% - not full, but cooling fans and can use aircon during rapid charge
  • Adjustable acceleration power (e.g. a sport mode): No
  • Adjustable regen braking, independent of sport mode: No
  • Not a conversion car: Yes
  • Fast charging capability: Half, AC ~3kW DC CHAdeMO
  • Lease offerings : Yes
  • Enough electric range to cover your commute with about 20%-25% margin: For me, yes
  • Climate control system startup both via key fob and smartphone: No
  • Charge port on driver’s side of car: 75%, Yes (for AC only)
  • Power and energy displays: 20%, nice big power display only
  • Mild pedestrian alert: No
  • Independent pedestrian alert: No
  • Ability to disable charging alarms: n/a (no alarms)
  • Blend some regen into brake pedal action: Yes (I think)
  • Indication when regen is maxed out: No
  • Show the charging state on the outside of the car: no (but dash display can be seen from outside)
  • Light up the charge port when it is open: No
  • Scheduled charging, and not via the EVSE: No
  • Late or variable rate charging: No
  • Low current mode Level 1 charging: No
  • Selectable full charge threshold: No
  • Portable EVSE works with both 120V and 240V supplies: Unknown
  • Trip odometer that resets itself after a charge: No
  • Public charging stations shown in navigation system: No
  • Efficient climate control: No
  • Powerful heaters: No
  • Heated seats and steering wheel: No
  • Accel and braking modes stay that way through power cycle of car: n/a (no modes)
  • A commitment to software updates: No
  • Valet mode: No
  • Smooth accelerator pedal behaviour: Yes
  • Regen braking integration with cruise control: n/a (no CC)
  • Traction control sensitivity and regen braking integration: Unknown
  • Low regen cutout speed (e.g. 3 MPH): Yes
  • Creep mode / hill hold: Yes
  • Power seats with memory: No
  • Immediate, single button access to recirculating air: Yes
  • Physical buttons in general, instead of a touchscreen or a silkscreened surface: Yes
  • Tilting and telescoping steering wheel: No
  • Alarm system tells you when it’s armed: n/a (no alarm)
  • Close windows via door controls without having to power entire car back up: No (?)
  • Open/close windows with keyfob (e.g. press and hold a button): No (?)
  • CD player: Yes
  • Aux audio input, not just proprietary iPod jack: USB and Bluetooth only
  • 3 seats in back, even if it’s a squeeze and only for kids: No
  • Physical buttons should reliably respond to quick stabs: Yes
  • Door open chime should stop after a minute: No (?)
  • Door lock / alarm arming honk is not loud (or better, silent or even optional): Yes
  • LoJack-like car location and disabling system: No
  • Turn signal stalk placement and behaviour: Yes (if I understand right!)
  • Sunroof, at least as an option: No
  • Sun visor, when turned to block side window, can be extended back to reach past driver’s head all the way to the B pillar: No
  • Ease of door closing: OK – but subjective
  • Sturdy rear trunk deck cover: No
  • Cruise control can be adjusted in +/- 1 MPH increments: n/a (no CC)
  • Adjustable front headrests: Yes
  • Removable rear headrests: Yes
  • Handholds over doors, aka grab handles: Yes
  • Interior lighting for rear seats: One for whole car!
  • Rear windows open: Yes
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