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Greetings SpeakEV Fellow EV drivers

Thought i’d pen a little introduction on here for those I haven’t chatted to before in other online platforms. I am most prominently active in Twitter. I met a few of you at Fully Charged Live 2018 (which was really great!)

I am a driver of a NissanLeaf 30kW Acenta and have been Blogging on Twitter for several years now, and am also on few other platforms here and there.

I am a big proponent of the PlugShare App, and one of most prolific contributors on there. I really feel this is by far best overall Mapping app and regularly make updates and additions to the database all over world to Charger locations.

I now an EV Video channel on YouTube with 12 episodes do far. I am concentrating mainly on showing what life is like as an EV driver in UK and how to use the various network. I also have a fun Music video where I sing a parody of a certain famous Queen song, but especially made for us EV Drivers called “Electrical Rhapsody”.

If you are interested in taking a look, and hopefully SUBSCRIBE,

Please take a look , happy charging!

The PlugSeeker
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