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"Superficially the Tesla Model S electric car is so “the answer”, you wonder if other motor makers haven’t been sleeping on the job. With a share price on fire after recently announcing plans for a new battery “gigafactory” (that’s a factory, then) confirming next year’s SUV and a smaller, cheaper model for 2017, there’s barely a silicon-valley baron without a Model S in his baronial drive. This precocious 11-year-old PayPal-funded car maker has big ambitions.

Not without just cause, either. In top-spec £98,000 as-tested form, this 16ft 4in long, five-door battery-electric coupé will not only out drag a £146,035 Aston Martin Rapide, but carry two more passengers or twice as much stuff and, at 2.1 tons, weigh not much more. Stand on it and the Aston will drain its 20 gallon tank of unleaded in about 250 miles, well within the realistic driving range of the 85kWh Tesla S. What’s not to like about battery motoring?"

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