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So we have had it since Friday. Quick all elec from garage to home plug in and then 1hr later blast up to Surrey at 73mph. Mpg? Well there's a question we are in ltd/ km so still trying to find time to work out.
Super smooth to drive. Compared to fiat 500. Cruise control vey handy. Great drive.
Went to the theatre last night, wife forgot to charge car I think she's a bit scared of the lead. Again really smooth up the motorway. We stopped in ikea for pre theatre supper (dead sophisticated in Dorset). The charge point was full with a leaf. When we came back from meat balls the leaf was gone and after a quick call to ecotricity we got the charger going with no card. The guy on the phone was brilliant. The machine less so. Not user friendly and we had to call him back to disconnect. Grabbed 74% charge thanks.
We like the car. My wife is a bit nervous but she will get there. Just need her to understand leave it plugged in.
Just need to find a hybrid van. Suggestions.
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