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This was a good week for EV reporting in the Autocar Magazine:
In summary:
- A fascinating article on Audi Q8 - all electric! This Leviathan is set to trump the Tesla S and X - not least by boasting a range of 370 miles! Hugely impressive, but surely not the car for the UK market? The Yanks will just love it - ideal for the school run, in Texas.
- A first review of a long term test car the Renault Zoe. Its faint praise again - but a glimmer of hope that the cars handling will erode the petrol head mentality;
- A look into emerging car technologies - including (too briefly) details of Ford C-Max EV, with a solar panelled roof!
- A fourth article documents the story of 2 people driving to Scotland to prove what an EV can do. However, its not the story of last weeks London-Edinurgh trip - but in fact its our trip from London to Inverness and 2 week in the Highlands! Its a 2 page spread under the title Highland Charge! The sub-title is 'Electric cars let you discover good old fashioned motoring'!
I wrote this article and you can see a Snapshot at https://plus.google.com/communities/116520796966821217655
I'm rather hoping that the ground is shifting at Autocar and that some further articles can be placed that will improve the public perception of EVs!
If you want to read the articles, now - then you can do so for £2.99 - hardcopy is £3.50. Here is the link:
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