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In case anyone's interested my 2012 MY leaf (May 2012) is charging to around 246-250 GIDs now on full. Any kids above this will drop within an hour or two (surface charge)

The Hx figure is now down to around 79 and a snapshot now suggests I'm down about 8%-12% off spec after 16k miles/2 years - depending on whether you use max GIDS

S: 95.3
C: 59.1
H : 79.25

The car is on a 3 year lease

Interestingly a month or two ago, with a long trip up to newcastle (over 5 days) I got Hx up to 87 and max gids to 260.. in lower temperatures, though if I look back to October 2013 when I got the leafdd I can see H hovered around 80 then and max gids was around 250 also, so arguably this suggests the battery health has been very stable since then and that we still don't really know what Hx is ;-)
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