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When I drove home from work this evening I noticed there was a new sound in the car. Kind of like a ticking or crackling sound every few seconds. It wasn't too loud, but obviously loud enough that I noticed it. Kind of like having a passenger that was trying to say a word beginning with Q but they kept stopping after the first letter. Or maybe an electrical cable sparking. Although I don't know what most of the noises are in the Volt yet, I recognise most of them and this was one I'd not heard before.

I couldn't pin point where it was coming from, but from the drivers seat it seemed to be from the centre console, or maybe the passenger door speaker.

I was listening to a spoken word podcast, which was playing on my phone over Bluetooth to a BT to audio adapter plugged in under the arm rest. Maybe it was interference on the recording? I turned the volume down and up, but that didn't affect the volume of the crackle. Wiggling the 3.5mm plug made a new noise, but not quite like this one.

When I got home I turned the power off and could still hear the noise - although the stereo was still on (Why does it stay on until the door is open? Why not stop it when ignition is off?). Still couldn't identify where it was coming from, even after opening the door.

Eventually I gave up, picked up my keys and flask to go indoors.

Then the ticking got louder.

It turns out that rinsing the flask out with boiling water before I left work, but closing the lid before the temperature had equalised left a vacuum in the flask. It was sucking in tiny bits of air through a wet seal and making the chick chick noise!

And that, is the biggest problem with electric cars! They are so silent that something as quiet as this can drive you mad! Mad I tells ya!

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A friend of mine had the same problem with his new ICE, screamed and shouted that a new car should not be making such a racket. When the service department rang back I was with him and he was ready to start complaining again, that was untill the service manager informed him that the 3/4 case of bottles of Magners he left in the boot were to blame. Big man turned into a puppy with his tail between his legs, not that I laughed for very long of course (couple of days at the most)
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