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For the first time in my 2 years of ev ownership, decided to leave the car behind.
Was not empty but i was not confident to take it further..

The main worries now are Eurocarpark is a manager for the site, i sent a sms but got no reply.

As was to close to the time to pick my child from nursery, i left the car and went home with my child.. Will come back to the car early in the morning!

Was my fault really, was too confident to go to a rapid i never used before.., and the thing was giving "Failure to validate " my back card (same card i used on another polar less than a month ago!
Called the support, they reset but no point. "Issue is reported sir""

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Someone would like to try their Polar (bppulse) card on the unit in LE11 to see what I can do please?
LE11 4EX? Zap Map comments say Chademo hasn't worked for weeks, and the card reader hasn't worked properly for months, as well as a good amount of other complaints.

You have a LEAF now don't you? You're not going to get a charge there so I suggest you consider other options.

If the university grounds are open you can charge at a type 2 socket or 3-pin there. Otherwise there's a Nissan dealership not too far away but this again will be on AC just to get enough to get you where you need to be.
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