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Just back from a trip to Cornwall from Bedfordshire, my first ever EV trip over 50 miles and using public chargers.
Plenty of 50Kw chargers on M4 & M5 also in most major towns.(Ecotricity,Genie & Podpoint)

On the trip West bound I had a bad attack of RANGE ANXEITY!! I charged 5 times 2 of them totally unnecessary !!
Managed to charge overnight at our holiday lodge (13amp) for free and paid for 1 charge with Genie £3.19
for 90%
All other charges with Ecotricity were free using CCS getting 90% in 30 minutes every time,(I get gas and electricity from them).
Nerdy data: 1109 miles total in 7 days average 5.1Kwh.
The same trip in my Lexus IS would have cost £230 in petrol.

I also just have to say that the Ioniq's adaptive cruise control is fantastic on dual carriageway or motorway
just set to 70 mph and steer !!!! it never faltered once!

Comments and questions welcomed.

Cheers John...
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