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There has been some discussion about possibly towing a generator or battery to extend the range of the Leaf.

I would just like to point out that towing anything with a UK registered Leaf is not permitted. It has not got approval for towing and so if you tow anything at all you might end up in deep water.

The whole concept of extending the range of an all electric EV in this way seems rather pointless IMO. I realise it is tempting because the the undeveloped charging infrastructure means that we are restricted in using our EVs to relatively local use or only where we can guarantee charging when away from home. However, even a biggish generator in the boot would only supply enough power to charge at 5-10 miles per hour so it would be a long wait to get enough range to go anywhere and to carry around such a heavy and big device on the offchance you might need it seems rather silly especially as something that heavy is likely to reduce your range!

Nope, if you opt for a 100% EV like the Leaf then the only sensible thing in my opinion is to accept that we are early adopters and live with it.

Of course, if you want to carry a generator then why not do it legally and effectively with a Vauxhall Ampera... as I have done with my 2nd car!
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