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The TPMS light came on today according to Swmbo when I arrived home.
Have you checked the pressures I said, err sort of was the reply!
Well to me that probably means she 'had a go at it' and probably let a fair bit of air out in the process.

Out with super duper accurate pressure gauge and yep pressures all over the shop and all very low, lower than a few accidental attempts at checking them would cause.

All are now back a 2.3 sheep or 33 PSI in real money

I then went out for a test run and it took about a mile for the TPMS to reset and clear
The system works by comparisons a drop in 2 Psi iirc between one tyre and another but it will not come on if all are equally low afaik.

Anyway worth checking yours I was surprised how much ours had gone down by since last checked.
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