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Kia eNiro 4+, White
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Got four new shoes today as it was that time.
One TPMS Sensor failed during the chageover - although there was no physical damage - so I replaced it with a spare TPMS I had from aliexpress.
The new sensor, after a few miles just works - which is good.

However - I do notice that it says its the nearside rear, when actually its the offside front - so I suspect that all the wheels are likley squiffy and in the wrong place.

Any idea how to "reset" things so the Ampera can learn where the wheels are again?


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It's supposed to be auomatic. I've never had any problems swapping between my winters & summers, and I swap the winters front <-> back (can't swap left to right as they're directional), and the summers get swapped all over the place.

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My MY2012 automatically re-learned - but it took sometime, as it has to be switched on, but stationary for a long time.

Manual says:
Each tyre pressure monitoring
system sensor has a unique
identification code. The identification
code needs to be matched to a new
tyre/wheel position after rotating the
vehicle's tyres or replacing one or
more of the sensors.
After changing a tyre, the vehicle has
to be stationary for approx.
20 minutes, before the system
recalculates. The following relearn
process takes up to 10 minutes of
driving with a speed of minimum
12 mph. In this case -- can be
displayed or pressure values can
swap in the DIC.
If problems occur during the relearn
process a warning message is
displayed in the DIC.
Vehicles equipped with the auto
learn function do not allow manual
sensor matching.
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