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Trying and failing to sign up for Nissan Good To Go warranty and servicing plan

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Since January this year I have been trying to sign up for the Nissan Good To Go warranty and servicing plan but have been unable to do so for one reason or another. I have another thread detailing it here:

So just under a week ago I decided to try and sign up again for the plan as I feel it would give me peace of mind. But I am not blindly going to sign up for a warranty if I am not 100% sure what it covers. So I decided to ask every dealership in central Scotland the same question. It was as follows:



I'm interested in your Good to Go package for my Nissan Leaf. I tried signing up for the package about a couple of months ago but 5 separate Nissan dealerships were unable to get me signed up for various reasons. I have decided to give Nissan another chance. I first read about the Good to Go warranty package on the SpeakEV forums and we are discussing whether or not there are any obvious "get out" clauses for Nissan so I am looking for some assurances that the following items would be covered by the warranty:

PTC heater and Heat Pump
Type 1 or Chademo charging ports on the car
Charging system
Power Delivery Module
Seized Parking brake cable
In Car Entertainment System
Brake Modulator unit

I spoke to customer services online and they basically just read back the terms and conditions booklet to me which I had already read and which doesn't make clear if the above components are covered. If you are not sure if the above items are specifically covered then can you please forward this message to someone who can clarify please.

There are many Nissan Leaf owners on the SpeakEV forums who are interested in signing up for this package but are put off by some of the potential "get out" clauses and I am sure you would gain quite a few customers if my query could be answered.



The branches I sent the email to were as follows:


I left out the Dunfermline branch as that is the one I would be using and I don't want to sour our relationship.

So far in almost a week I have received zero replies to any of my emails.

So I plan on expanding my email enquires and am going to email as many as it takes to get a reply. Today I have started off by emailing every dealership from a town or city starting with an A. These are:

Specialist Cars (Aberdeen)
West Way Aldershot
Blackshaws Garage (Alnwick)Ltd
West Way Altrincham
Martins of Andover
Mackies Motors Arbroath
Motorline Ashford
Aylesbury Nissan
Parks (Ayr)

If I hear nothing I will move on to B etc.

I will post any replies I receive to this thread.

I really can't believe how shocking Nissan's Customer services are and that is why I want it in writing what is covered and what is not.
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Well well well. I wasn't expecting this. Got an almost immediate reply from Parks Ayr Nissan Dealership.

They replied:

"Thank you for your e mail in relation to "Nissan Good To Go".

The car will need to go through a vehicle health check prior to any warranty product being purchased. If any remedial work is found, then it must be repaired before product inception. In general, most of the items are covered for sudden mechanical or electrical failure. However, we would need to understand the failure when the parts fail before authorising any claim. The only item that we would possibly decline would be a Seized Parking brake cable. As something that is seized isn’t classed as sudden failure.

Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance."

This part reassures me: "In general, most of the items are covered for sudden mechanical or electrical failure." So I take that to mean if my PTC heater suddenly stops working it will be covered. Same with the in car entertainment unit etc gearbox etc.

I think I will present them with a failure scenario and see what they say. I will also query them on the health check thing as I understand so long as your car has been serviced at a dealership within the last year it will be eligible for the Good To Go servicing plan.


I sent this email back:

"Thanks for your prompt reply. I have emailed a few dealerships over the last week the same question and not one replied. I am impressed with your fast reply and non generic answer. Thank you.

Can I present a scenario to you to see if you think it would be covered by the Good To Go Plan.

It is the middle of winter and our heater has been working perfectly since we got the car. One cold day we get in the car and there is no heat coming from the heater. I bring the car into the dealership to have it looked at and the mechanic has found the PTC heater is faulty. There is no sign of misuse or damage from water ingress. Would the heater be replaced under warranty?

A couple of final questions. You state that the car needs a vehicle health check before being eligible for the Good To Go plan. Am I right in thinking that so long as the car has been serviced at a Nissan dealership within the last year, the health check is not necessary?

If I were to sign up for the good to go plan with your dealership, would I be able to take my car to any other dealership in the UK if I have a problem?"
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I received another reply:

"In the scenario you have given, if the part has failed due to sudden mechanical or electrical failure and there are no outside influences and it is a covered item then we would present a warranty claim on your behalf to Nissan.

In relation to the "welcome check" if the car has been serviced outside the Nissan Network then a £39.99 welcome check is required. If the car has not been serviced in the last 6 months then a Fixed Price service will need to be done to bring the servicing up to date and lastly the good to go plan can purchased and claimed at any Nissan dealer throughout the Uk. "

I replied:

"Reading the terms and conditions, they state:

To qualify for the Nissan Good-to Go package the vehicle must: a) have an existing Nissan manufacturer’s warranty which expires within the next 30 days; or b) have an existing warranty administered by Nissan Extended Warranty Administration which expires within the next 30 days; or c) have completed a Nissan vehicle Good-to- Go comprehensive check including any remedial work prior to commencement date; or d) have completed a Fixed Price Service at a Nissan Dealer.

My car had a major service at Mackie Motors Arbroath in September 2021. So my car should qualify automatically for the Good To Go plan without further checks or payments according to part d. There doesn't seem to be any terms or conditions stating that I need to have a welcome check. Is that correct?"
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Well the dealerships are insisting that I have a health check carried out because my service was carried out more than 6 months ago. There are no mentions of any timeframe in the terms and conditions but they are refusing to budge. The Parks dealership are trying to charge me £40 to have the health check carried out. So I contacted the Dunfermline branch and they are going to waive the fee but the downside is that I have to wait over 3 weeks for an appointment. I then also have the inconvenience of having to go to the dealership and hang around for who knows how long for something that according to the T&C's I should be eligible for automatically. I contacted customer support and asked if it were possible to have my appointment moved sooner as a compromise. We will see what they say.

Nissan really making it difficult for people to sign up to Good To Go.
I have just had an email from Nissan Social Media Team:

"Please see what our team have said regarding whether the below items are covered by the warranty:

PTC heater and Heat Pump Yes

Type 1 or Chademo charging ports on the car Yes

Charging system Yes

Gearbox Yes

Power Delivery Module Yes

Seized Parking brake cable Not for seizure but yes if broken

In Car Entertainment System Yes

Brake Modulator unit Yes"

I am glad I have it in writing that those parts are covered.
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