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I realise that it is only available in mainland europe, and this is a mainly UK forum, but for anyone interested I will keep this populated with info about the Twingo that I recently took delivery of, and people interested can leave any questions. This is our 1st ev, so we are very far from experts, but here goes. Some of the background info here I have gleaned from others on the forum.

The Twingo shares 70% of its part with the Smart ForFour but, significantly, has a battery with a usable 21.3kWh, which gives it just enough range for a family like ours that don't live in a city. At a cost of €13k for the base model (after Italian incentives including scrappage) this is the perfect entry-level car. It retains basic features like a traditional key, which some bemoan but I welcome if it keeps the cost down. Despite being basic, we don't find road noise to be an issue (although we have no point of comparison with other evs) and the extra turn of speed that comes with an ev is even more noticeable at this lower end of the price scale. In comparison with the Lancia Ypsilon it replaced and our other car, a Fiat Punto, it fairly rockets when overtaking lorries etc. A feature of the Twingo due to being rear-engined is the tiny turning circle, and that is very handy.

In just over 2 weeks we have covered almost 700km at an estimated kWh/100km of 12.65. The car is reading 11.2kWh/100km but I don't have much faith in that. We are pretty pleased with that, given that our daily drive involves gaining 600m of elevation.

Negative points. Considering how much physically bigger it is than the Ypsilon, the luggage space is a little disappointing, although adequate for our needs. Also, the chameleon charger is not very efficient (as everyone knows from the zoe). It will be handy to charge at 22kWh if we do longer trips, and I can charge at 16A at home so it is not as bad for us as for others charging at 8A.

Anyway, a good start, nice car.
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