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Two Charge Points at Home

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I currently have a socketed chargemaster point at home for my Zoe but i'm eligible for another Podpoint installation with my Leaf under OLEV to the same specification, is it worth having this? Apart from the benefit of charging two vehicles at once, which would be infrequent, is there any other advantage in having two?

Any advice appreciated!
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I reckon you've answered your own question. If you might need to charge both at once you'll need two!
If both the points have different charge rates and you have solar panels it might help match the charge rate to the spare solar capacity available.
If you wish to rent your drive as a charger location it could be handy having two.
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PlugShare (no one else is offering this in Malton.)
I can think of reasons for not having two: lack of space to install and use them both and the fact one may be able to use the granny charger if need be. Power supply may not be able to cope.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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