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I own a 2018 7.5 GTE.
My daily commute is approx 30 miles, a break (quick charge, approx 16 miles worth) then another 30 miles.
Originally when I collected my car I was using the driving modes as follows:

Start off on a full charge.
As soon as I set off switch to Hybrid mode & regen (B)
Let the computer sort it out & drove it until the battery was on 0 miles.
Then just drove it & watchEd the mpg drop.
Git home with 0 miles on the battery.

Today I tried a different approach:

Start off on full charge.
Again switch to Hybrid & (B)
But, as soon as the battery got to about 50% I switched to Battery Hold.
My mpg steadied out at approx 85-90mpg & the battery still kicked in at slow speeds.
On the final 15 miles of my journey switched back to Hybrid & I played around with GTE mode.
Got home with 80mpg & a few miles on the battery left.

I preferred the 2nd approach.

How do you manage your charge range?
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