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Can anybody help me? I have an original pod point with a tethered type 1 cable and have just got an A3 that requires a type 2 so I purchased a type 2 cable to swap it over. All went well and seemed like it would be a straight swap but the pod point has now stoped working. The blue light was on the pod point after the cable swap but when I plugged it into the car to charge it the blue light went off and didn't charge the car. The pod point then seemed to be dead so I isolated it and left it overnight as it was getting dark. Turned the pod point back on this morning and the blue status light came on for about 5 secs and then went off again. Reading other posts it looks like this should be a straight swap! all wires have been swapped like for like in the terminals so I'm not sure what's going wrong. The pod point is a 3.6kw and the new cable is the 7kw version would this be causing an issue? would the com wire need to be in a different terminal for the different cable type? Thank you in advance for any help!!
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