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Type 2 at Clacket Lane?

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Either east or westbound...
I'll be doing a road trip in my Zoe40 from Suffolk/Norfolk borders to Guildford, Surrey.

I plan to stop first at Gridserve Edison Way because it's MEGA and I really want to gawp at it all, and then another quick stop somewhere because I'm paranoid about motorway range/my heavy right foot (and also not least because when I arrive at my destination, Surrey has a pitiful selection of chargers...).

I was hoping for my second splash-and-dash to be Clacket Lane, but I know Ecotricity/EH/Gridserve have ripped out/replaced Type 2 chargers all over the place, ZapMap shows only one Type 2 but eastbound, with nothing at all westbound.

I was wondering if anyone had insider information on whether Type 2 will be catered for at Clacket, w/c Mon 9th August.

Thanking you muchly
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Yeah, I was thinking either Reigate Morrison's or the Shell at Buckland. They'll have to be my next options. :)
The Shell charger at Buckland tends to get ICEd but not for long so worth waiting.
Reigate Morrison's has been unreliable at times in the past but hopefully it's through the problems, great place to charge whilst browsing the wines.
I'm sorry we can't accomodate EVs in Dorking, but we're still trying to work out these new fangled fossil cars with which to replace our horses (all funds went to Ashtead & Leatherhead).
All good to know! I know and love Dorking very well - lived there 2007-2017, and is the reason I'm coming back, to catch up with old friends!
Exciting to see the area being dragged into the 21st century, with at least some new technology!
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