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Hi folks,

I've been having a technical issue with Carwings/Nissan Connect since I bought my leaf back in January. I've contacted both the dealer and Nissan GB but unfortunately they've been unable to help so far.

Basically, whenever I try to update the charging station list or check the status of a charging station, I get a voice message "connecting to information center" and a little late it times out. I'm given the option of trying again but it doesn't work no matter how many times I try. Has anyone else had this issue, and how did you resolve it? Also, if anyone reading is living in Ireland, are you able to update the charging stations?

Here's some background information that might help:

  • The car is a 2016 leaf 24kw, I think it's the Accenta model
  • It is second hand and imported from the UK (via a Nissan dealer in Ireland)
  • I have been able to pair my phone with the leaf, and have setup the Connect EV app and have completed the ownership check
  • I'm able to access remote services from the app (remote charging, status, location & climate control)
  • The satnav on the car works fine
  • The car show's full signal whenever I'm updating the chargers (so does my phone)
  • Voice navigation also seems convinced I'm in the UK

I've sent all this to Nissan UK but they don't seem to know what's going on. I'm hoping someone else here has had similar issues in the past and can help out.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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