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I think a stop every 4hrs would be okay for most people, provided they can be sure of finding a working, unoccupied rapid charger on their route and with the necessary comfort break facilities close by. I have just changed to a full EV but have yet to undertake a long journey. Sadly I anticipate having to tolerate some hassle and inconvenience. There is still a lot to be done with the UK charging network before most people will find long journeys stress free and convenient. An hour plus break with young kids could result in a lot of cries of “are we charged yet?”
I know professional long distance HGV drivers often have to drive for upto 4 and half hours in a stint, but after working in road safety field for over 20 years I can tell you confidently that regardless of if you are driving an EV or an ICE you should avoid aiming to drive for more than 2 hours in a stint for reasons of safety anyway.

I'd rather annoy kids than significantly increase the risk of killing them and most kids love the opportunity to use their tablets in a stationary car or buy some sweets anyway.

I know many of you will think that 2 hours at a time is way too low, but its not that long ago that most people thought they could still drive fine after 3 or 4 pints, or that the laws of physics (1/2 mass x velocity squared) didn't apply to them and it made no difference to them or other road users if they broke the speed limit.

The truth is the human mind cant really concentrate on a task as important as driving safely and give it the attention it needs without the mind wandering over longer periods of time.
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