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I thought I'd read that this was some bug that affected the i-Miev rather than a more general issue with the RC's?
This is my home patch and I drive an i-Miev - so I have some insight. The RC at Reading W has never worked with the - iMiev. Though it it has worked for Leafs - I have reported it 4-5 times.
Same situation at Nissan Reading. On the day it was installed (Apr 13?) with the DBT engineer present we had the error and the Service Manager has witnessed the error on many occasions. The technique used here was one that I have discovered. You gain 1-2% every reset and if you are lucky it may eventually engage normally. The garage staff have always been super-friendly and there is no blame on them; however, Nissan and DBT must know that there is brand selectivity - intentional or otherwise. The error code refers to the protocols used for handshaking between the unit and the car. The power delivery is initiated and the DV voltage goes to 400+, but then crashes.
The Southampton Nissan Dealership's RC (last summer) was returning the same fault/behaviour.
Frankly it is just another example of the 'brittle' EV infrastructure. There is no mechanism to improve the reliability and availability of any charging post - anywhere and at any time. Post operators do what suits them.
There was a time when I got angry and indignant; however, I now take it in my stride. I am more aware of my fallback options and drive accordingly. On longer trip its often one charger and no fall back!
Reading has several fast chargers to fall back on and this was really not a 'big deal'. A sort time spent on either of the chargers at Green park, would have ensured enough range for Chieveley!
Its all part of the 'free motoring' challenge!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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