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Thanks again for all the thoughts. I've condensed them into the following set of tips:

Don’t take as gospel what the EH app says about pump availablity. Pumps described as unavailable/offline/in use may in fact be on free vend. But be sure to have a Plan B in case the app is right!

Before using the app, check the pump display. If the welcome triangle is showing, then use the app. It’s quicker to enter the pump ID manually than using the QR. However, if the screen is inviting you to select the charging method then it’s on free vend in which case forget the app and just use the buttons.

If the display is hard to read, use an umbrella as a sun shade. Memorising the order of the buttons also helps.

Pumps vary in charging rate. They seem to manage about 40kW max, and can be as low as 24kW.

Thanks again!
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