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Some of my neighbours are persuing a scheme to buy a Leaf for community transport / taxi.

They tell me they have had a contact from Nissan offering them a Leaf with a "special" battery not commercially available that gives an additional 100 mile range.

Will try and get to the source of this to clarify.

But if there is substance to this and not just wires crossed will be intriguing.

Perhaps it is similar to the one in Spain used in competition with an additional pack installed?

Will post back. But if you can shed some light, do.

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Very interesting! I wonder how it has been done? +100 miles sounds like too much for a chemistry change, I assume it's more cells. Maybe that's +100 on NEDC, and it's a 48kwh pack with 224 NEDC as the increased weight wouldn't let you get all +124.

Still, a real world range of maybe 160 miles? sounds good to me!
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