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The Volt sold 1,849 units last month, up from 1,760 in June and up from 125 in July 2011. The increase happened even though GM's overall sales were down six percent compared to July 2011. Most of the loss was from a 41 percent drop in fleet sales. The Chevrolet Spark sold 1,460 units in July, the first month it was on sale.
Seems the Volt is increasing month on month, I suspect as word travels what a brilliant (US designed and built) car it is and that the politics surrounding it are pathetic. A great start for the Spark too - will we see that get a UK launch? We'll see...

Over at Nissan, sales of the all-electric Leaf dropped to 395, down from 535 in June. In July 2011, Nissan sold 931 Leafs. Nissan says it expects sales to grow as soon as it starts making the Leaf domestically. The Smyrna, TN is supposed to start making the EV later this year.
Disapointing for Nissan but US build will certainly help them...
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