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Useless windscreen wipers on LEAF

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Does anyone else find the windscreen wipers on the LEAF completely useless?

I've tried cleaning them with various car shampoos and glass cleaners, but they are still useless, especially on the drivers side.

Before I get new ones does anyone have anything else I could try, or recommendations for replacements?
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All cars get this, not just the Leaf. It's because there is something on the surface of the window. Tree sap, the remains of bird diarrhoea, even sea salt or dirt from nearby industry. I get it really badly on my Mitsubishi, leaving near the sea and a rubbish burner, and the car park at work having lots of trees with sap and extremely ill birds.

A normal car wash doesn't always work, you might need to get some proper cleaner and clean the windscreen and wipers by hand.
This kind of thing can happen when you park near trees or anything that produces pollen and sap. One side of the blade picks it up. Windowlene and some kitchen wipes that remove grease work.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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