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Using CAN ZE on android phone with WiFi ELM instead of Bluetooth

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Is it possible to use Can ZE with a Wi-Fi OBD ELM327 but with an android phone or tablet? - my bluetooth ELM327 does not reach far (like most bluetooth stuff) and the wi-fi adaptor I has shows up but I cannot find the wifi OBD in the settings of CAN ZE it does not show up.
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My Zoe out on drive , and me inside the house would be handy to read battery charging progress when the my renault app is not updating me on the state of charge - my bluetooth dont make it but I think my wifi dongle would, seems to be more stronger signal
Yup, Android is BT only.

My solution in the old days (same problem) was this one. Reposition the dongle

However, my ESP32 based CanSee dongle, that is silly much faster too has no problem BT-ing into the house, yay. So all that stuff in above link has been removed now.

Edit: if you insist on Wifi, and it's just for reading a few values, you can also opt to use a CanSee dongle and switch it to WiFi station mode, ditch the phone for this, do a little bit of programming, preferably on your home automation hub to fetch the data. The low level heavy lifting is already done in CanSee. It does require some tinkering though.
Thank you for the answer - i dont even get any of that last bit with CanSee or dont even know how to do it / where to start so I wont even attempt that :)
Just a shame in the CanZe android app I could not just switch to the wifi dongle so that canze on android could not be used with a BT or wifi Elm327 OBDII
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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