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UVO: No response from server

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Hi - new eNiro user here, mostly going well but... the connection from the Uvo app on my phone to the car is pretty flaky, I keep getting "No response from server".

Does that mean that Kia's server is not talking, or that it can't get a connection to the car?

The connection from my phone to the internet is good (strong wifi, good fibre connection) but, to be fair, mobile reception around here is pretty flaky so I wouldn't be surprised if the car were having trouble connecting to the outside world.

Ideally, of course, I'd be able to tell the car to connect to my wifi when it's parked outside the house...

ETA: I should say that it works SOMETIMES so it's not a password/configuration thing...
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I've seen that a couple of times. I've eventually had to resort to the reset button on the front of the head unit. You may find while you're driving that the "Live" icon has gone missing from the status icon line.

There's a later version of software available than the one I have, and the equivalent version on my wife's Soul fixed the same issue she was having.

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I have had problems connecting to the UVO servers and my Soul over the last 2 days. Has needed 2 or 3 attempts. You mention that your phone has a good connection, but the car also needs a good connection to the mobile network. I think Kia use Vodafone, but I may be wrong.
There are two responses I have seen on my Hyundai Blue link app. Can not connect to server and no response from car.
The server one is the most common and in my experience a second try succeeds. I don't think it's your network is the problem.
There has been some major global internet outages over the last few days - these could be having an impact?
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