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V2G technical Query

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Why is the inverter for a V2G so expensive £8000 to £9500 for a 10KW unit per Drive Electric in UK.
DriveElectric launches Vehicle to Grid charging service - DriveElectric

Is there not an inverter in an EV and why is this not available to connect the stored battery to the grid ?

Are there not 2 pin terminals available on the socket connection on an EV (CCS or Chadamo) available to connect the battery to an external inverter (which may be connected to a solar panel at the same voltage) ?
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Personally, I'm not at all convinced that full V2G is a good idea. You can get most of the benefit with very much smaller cost by simply managing EV charging speeds/times. In such a scheme, you would input by some mechanism the amount of charge you need and when, and the system would charge at time and rate to suit grid balance - maybe not charging at all some nights when you have enough for your commute the next day, maybe charging more than you need on other nights when there happens to be excess. This also side-steps issues of battery wear, and accounting for losses in the charge/discharge cycle (if you do real V2G, you are getting less out of the battery than you put in and need to account for that in the billing).
V2G is also there to cover spikes in demand, or problems when the grid has a failure. With extra demand from EVs, the grid will be extremely tight for capacity at times, and any failure would mean they have to fire up gas or diesel generators to cover the shortfall. The cost for having these backups on standby is significant. So a V2G architecture would mean that the extra load could be shared among ?millions of EVs and the expensive, dirty backups would become less necessary. Look at the Tesla Battery in Australia, where price spikes for backups drive up prices by 250 times How Tesla's big battery is bringing Australia’s gas cartel to heel
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