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V2G technical Query

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Why is the inverter for a V2G so expensive £8000 to £9500 for a 10KW unit per Drive Electric in UK.
DriveElectric launches Vehicle to Grid charging service - DriveElectric

Is there not an inverter in an EV and why is this not available to connect the stored battery to the grid ?

Are there not 2 pin terminals available on the socket connection on an EV (CCS or Chadamo) available to connect the battery to an external inverter (which may be connected to a solar panel at the same voltage) ?
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The motive battery (DC) in an EV needs the external V2G inverter connected to the Chademo/CCS connector to make 240v 50Hz AC. They are so expensive because they are a low-volume manufactured product that required a lot of certification for connection to the grid and contain a lot of expensive protection and inversion kit.

The car has an on-board charger to charge the motive battery, it only works one way - taking mains AC power and charging the battery.

The other converter in the car takes high voltage DC from the motive battery and converts it to charge the 12v auxiliary battery.

You wouldn't want to connect solar panels directly to the motive battery. You should have dedicated DC solar charging equipment to do that.
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