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Just before lockdown 1, I went to the US and left my Tesla with one of the 3rd party valet services that operate in Heathrow. I basically did what you described.
  1. Drove to the Hilton supercharger at Heathrow
  2. Charged up to a reasonable amount (I think something like 80% or there abouts)
  3. Drove to the valet drop-off
  4. Turned on Valet mode
  5. Gave key card to Valet parking person
  6. Disconnected / logged off all apps except the official Tesla app
  7. Flew to the US
  8. Checked the car was parked, windows up, locked, etc.
  9. Turned Sentry Mode off
  10. Closed the Tesla app and didn't open it again until I got back to Heathrow
I used Approved Meet and Greet Airport Parking - Official Maple Parking and they appeared to know exactly what they were doing. I presume they had parked thousands of Tesla over the years.
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