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2021 Corsa-e
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Thats a shame the UK models don't have lane keep assist or ACC.
Here in Israel we usually get under-specced trims compared to the UK or rest of Europe.
I just had a test drive in the Corsa-e (Called Opel Corsa-e here), and currently its only available in a (pricey) high spec/trim.
It had ACC, lane departure, and lane keep assist, front and rear parking sensors and reversing camera (I thinks its the "virtual" 360 degrees view kind, didn't really play with it).
I don't think it had parking assist (which I have on my leased Citroën C4 Spacetourer, nice but limited to specific parking scenarios).
I tested the lane keep assist and ACC shortly, and it actually performed quite well. It had an "autopilot" feel to it!
There were a few "glitches" with it, that made me react and fix the steering, but in general it performed well.

One thing for sure that is scary, is that when the ACC slows down under 60 km/h (for example when a car in front slows down), the lane keep assist disengages, without any audible or visual warning. If your not fully concentrated during that disengagement, you could easily find yourself in trouble :confused:

The front parking sensors work only under about 10 km/h, beeping and showing a visual display.

In general I really liked the car. It was my first EV drive, and was really enlightening.
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