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Vauxhall up stopped being able to set deferred charge

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Hi in the last few days, the toggle button will not move to set a deferred charge. Although I never used it for that, I used it for turning of charging at 80% with my work charger. Does the app get updated if there is a problem? (other posts suggest not :( ). Is there an alternative?
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I have the same issue with corsa-e. The app more often than not doesn't allow the toggle to move between deferred charge and immediate charge. Seems to be no pattern to it.

Vauxhall has been worse than useless.
If it’s anything like the Peugeot app (it is!) then for me it’s happened regularly throughout the history of my owing the car (e-208) and using the (cr)app, which is approaching two years. The app truly is the worst I’ve ever had the misfortune to need/use on my phone.
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