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Hi all,

Bit of a niche, but just wanted to let people know that the Vauxhall Update app for downloading map and touch screen interface updates works on Linux.

Best to run the following commands to get it working:

Step 1 of 3: Create a new wine prefix to isolate configuration settings, and install the software.
WINEPREFIX=~/.wineprefixes/vauxhall_update wine ~/Downloads/Vauxhall Update.exe
Step 2 of 3: Run winecfg to set Windows Version to Windows XP (dropdown menu at the bottom of the Applications tab), this is to prevent the windows from appearing completely blacked out.
WINEPREFIX=~/.wineprefixes/vauxhall_update winecfg

Step 3 of 3: Run the application through your usual application launcher for whatever desktop environment you are using.

Et voila.


Screenshot of Vauxhall Update running via wine on Manjaro Linux.
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