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I assume my E-Niro is similar?
If I turn off heater, stereo, wipers etc etc, to make everything quiet, I can plainly here my VESS inside the stationary car even with all windows closed. It’s not loud but it is clearly audible especially you alternate between it on and off with the button whilst listening for the difference.

There is no VESS volume adjustment AFAIK.
You must be in D to hear it! It doesn’t sound when in N or P!
Yes VESS light on means VESS is on.

At least it's pretty subtle in the e-Niro. In my opinion VESS is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Anybody who can hear at all appears to be aware of your approach at the sort of distance you would expect, even without the VESS on. Yes, you can creep up on the unwary if you try, but you can do that in many a modern ICE car, too.
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