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some details revealed in the video:

- Tesla corporate's remarks to Gruber Motor as to upgrade paths (and prices) to 90 kWh, for those seeking out of warranty replacement for 40, 60, 70, 75, 85, 90 kWh vehicles. (100 kWh is said to be excluded from those for reasons they belabor in the video, to do with the added weight).

- Prices are said to be around $20k-$23k. Later in the video he says that since the video came out (I think this is a reference to the fact that the video originally was out but then was taken down and re-shot due to an issue) , they seem to have observed prices coming down to as low as $14k.

- at the end he also alludes to repair (a key area for Gruber), but I'm not sure what the Gruber prices for repair of a pack would be, or if/how/to what extent it would impact Tesla approach to the vehicle and customer (such as whether it impacts access to supercharging, and how much is billed for supercharging.

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•Apr 9, 2021
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