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It seems that Vauxhall are getting into the Christmas spirit.

http://www.engadget.com/2012/11/30/visu ... hevy-volt/ says
As publicity stunts go, this one certainly ticks the boxes marked "festive." General Motors' British subsidiary Vauxhall commissioned designer Gary Card to cook up this Christmas tree, cunningly made out of parts from a Vauxhall Ampera, which is a re-badged Chevrolet Volt to you and me. Visit it at night and the leaves will slowly open up, revealing the mechanical inner-workings that lurk beneath its frontage. If you're based in that London, you can go to the Kings Cross Filling Station, where it's on show until January 6th.
Also http://www.whosjack.org/electric-christmas-tree/ has a slightly longer description.
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